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D. Strasilla's first students on the Skywing who were partly filmed during training.

Andrea Kuhn

Udo Strasilla, California, USA

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Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark 
(Picture: Bonner Generalanzeiger, May 15th, 2004; no picture available showing him during the flight, only footage)

Christian Neureuther

Christoph Strasilla

Kurt Aeschbacher (no picture available)

Karussel TV host Kurt Aeschbacher goes up in the air, Schweizer Fernsehzeitung

Quote: Take some ski gear and a modified parachute and let the fun begin. The new type of sport is called paraskiing, the first school is about to open. One of its first students is Kurt Aeschbacher, the host of "Karussel".

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