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An Idea spreads its wings – History of paraglider
Dieter Strasilla – parachutepionier

Quote from Gleitschirm 4/95

A German TV station made the following report on the new type of sport: "Today we present you a type of sport no one has ever seen before on tv. And inventor Dr. Dieter Strasilla will show you how to handle the gear". When Dr. Strasilla finally had the chance to speak, he pointed to his backpack and said: "In there, we have the skywing, a wing which can be used to ski, sail and fly."

Video film by SHV-FSVL 2000 (; highlights of the development of Swiss hanggliding / VHS 70 min. On the occassion of its 25th anniversay, the Swiss Hang-Glider Association presents "flights of fancy" (minute 32):

"The blackforest - 1970 - Dieter Strasilla does maneuverability tests with a modified parachute (Feldberg, Schauinsland). At home in Freiburg, the tests are continued on a breezy balcony - to the delight of the neighbors. The aim is to create a pulling chute, an independent alternative to the ski lift. Several years later, the result is wrapped up in a carrier bag: In Engadin in 1981, Andrea Kuhn, test pilot and friend of Dieter Strasilla's, presents the Skywing, a further development of the old pulling chutes. Not without good reason Dieter Strasilla is called "the father of paragliding".


up to the beginnings and the boom of Swiss flight schools (1976-1991)

Copies of amateur films and broadcasts from German, Bavarian, German-Swiss, Ticino and U.S. television


Christian Neureuther, Garmisch
Andrea Kuhn, Sils Maria
Dr. Dieter Strasilla, Freiburg i. Br.
Prof. Udo Strasilla, California
Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark
Kurt Äschbacher, Zürich
Rainer Deglmann-Schwarz, Berchtesgaden usw.

Skisegeln und-Fliegen (Ch.N.und D.S.) Corvatsch

"SKI SAILING" Fliegen mit Ski Mammothmountain "Mondhüpfen" und Fliegen ohne Ski Pazifik (USA) Skisegeln am Pazifik-Strand (US)

Doppelflug (DS und US) Corvatsch

Skisegeln auf Eis (AK und DS) Schleppfliegen im Wind Silser See

Doppelflug (AK und DS) Gleitwinkel-Test für SKYWING mit 9 und 11 m Spannweite Corvatsch

Sky Wing Segeln auf Land und Wasser Engadin

Variationen: - Grasski (AK)
Surfbrett Engadin
Rollski, Grasski
Snow Board

"KARUSSEL" im DRS - Fliegen (AK) Lagalp

"SKI A VELA" Skisegeln und Fliegen (AK) Sils, Schweizer Fernsehen Corvatsch

"SPACEOLYMPICS"im (AK und DS) Bayerischen Femsehen, Corvatsch

"SKISEGELN" im ARD Freiburg, Titlis (Deglmann Schwarz, DS) Zermatt,Feldberg

Segeln und Soaren über dem Theodulhorn Zermatt

Vogelangriff (Loch im Schirm) priv. Aufz.

Kronprinz Frederic von Dänemark, Corviglia 1.Flugstunde (AK, DS und Botschafter, Minister usw.)1991

"KARAZY" (US) Jungfraujoch l. Sky Wing Flugschul-Lehrfilm in USA Pazifik, Prof. Udo Strasilla San Francisco

"PARASKI" im KARUSSELL mit Sils, SKY WING (AK, K. Äschbach) Corvatsch
l. Paraskisegel-Flugschule der Welt Lagalp

"GLEITSCHIRM" im KARUSSELL mit Kandersteg, Randonneuse Almenalp
(Martin Sigel, Thomas Bosshard) Anfang der SHV Flugschulen